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You can expect to find practical ideas here which will create healthier, productive neighbourhoods that honour the community of Christ.  Neighbourhood Life exists to move neighbours from strangers to acquaintances to meaningful relationships.

My real name is Arnold Richard Abma, but I just go by Rick. My wife, Joyce and I have four children (all born in the 90’s), a dog (free off the internet), a couple of cats, and four pet birds.  I began speaking to audiences when I graduated with a BA in communications for my radio career.  Since earning a Master’s degree in Christian Education, my speaking schedule has increased.  The schedule is filled with a variety of groups from churches to businesses to actual neighbourhoods.  I love storytelling, and I also love how stories speak about life.  For example, I test drove a Porsche 930 turbo when I was a teen, only to surprise myself as to how slow I ended up driving down the highway…just so that everyone had to pass me and look into the window.  You should have seen them stare as they passed.  But what does that tell us about life?  It leads to a great understanding of how we want to be great, when greatness resides in being humble and serving.  More on that when we meet.


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4 thoughts on “Speaker’s Page

  1. Hi Rick & Joice, thanks so much for Your encouraging words & actions, we realize too how we can be a light in our neighbourhood, in Lacombe, living on Garden Rd, in our community, we are part of the seniors here, used to live in the Med Hat urea, greenhouse operator for some 24 years. Lived on Vanc.island for a few years, then moved to here
    supporting our daughter Deanna Keller, who are close neighbours here. We belong to the Bethel CRC, at times we feel too the EuroCentric atmosphere ?? when discussing in bible study the application of this in our neighbourhood, & world. My wife Shirley has severe pain in her back, just recently, NL Spinal Stenosis. Could You pray for her, for healing ?? The healthcare is very SLOW in advancing medical surgery by a neurologist
    at the UFA in Edmonton. The MRI results are there, but possibly waiting time for help
    is 3 to 5 month. God can move Mountains by faith we believe this, & our personal relationship with the Lord is strong, or sometimes doubting ?? The Lord bless You in Your neighbourhood work Drop in sometime. Our address is 17 Garden Rd Lacombe,
    Phone # 403-782-7325 Thanks so much !!

    • Thanks for your comments John. We will pray for Shirley and the circumstances.
      It would be good to see your neighbourhood and drop by. Perhaps soon. I will phone.


  2. They came from one end of the block to the other. It was a good, old-fashion, block party on 56th Avenue, between 56th Street and 58th Street on Thursday night. “What was so neat was that I met so many new people,” said one participant. And there were countless number of kids. One parent remarked that her nine-year old was worried there wouldn’t be anyone to play with. “There was never any need to have worried about that,” she said. A basketball hoop, a trampoline, several badminton racquets, skateboards, a football, lawn games and food kept kids and adults entertained for the evening. Rick Abma and Neighborhood Life provided the commercial barbeque, while families brought their own steak, hot dogs and hamburgers. Salads and desserts were also provided for this potluck meal. In the end there was great fellowship and excellent food as many folks chatted the evening away and got to know each other from various areas on the block. The event was so successful that organizers are looking to having another block party in September.

    • Thanks Fred for team up up with Greg and Melissa. Cool how it all works. It was very encouraging to chat as well. And thanks for the movies!