Having just returned from a time of remembrance for those who fought for freedom, I heard the message of “how much” was given for the sake of freedom.  It’s true!  I could never fully understand the amount of sacrifice given for me to live in freedom today.  This truth is also heard most every Sunday, the first day of every week, a day of rest and remembrance of the sacrifice and victory given by Christ so that we may be free!  Many preachers and songs try emphasize how deep or great this love is for us.  How can we measure this?

It just so happens this week is also when I picked up a book that caught my interest called, “The Little Book of Lykke  – The Danish search for the world’s happiest people.” (Lykke is Danish for happiness)  You see, the author, Meik Wiking, is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, where they measure happiness.  Denmark, Switzerland, and Finland are the top three in the world.  The book shares a great deal of unique insight to metrics, while advocating for healthy neighbouring relationships. Interesting!  

When it comes to loving your neighbour, many wonder how to measure its success (our Western cultures’ metric for most things), and whether or not “its working.”  Perhaps we must revisit the remembrance day service, or the church service, reminding us of sacrificial love!  There are times in history where people wondered if we forgot.  Perhaps sacrificial love was forgotten for a time, but did that change the outcome of measurement as to the sacrificial love itself?  And do the answers to these questions change your attitude about why or how you should love your neighbours?

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