Movin’ On!

After 17 years in Calgary we never actually felt at home there.  My husband and I are perhaps a bit nomadic, so we were more than ready for a change.  Despite making plenty of money there, it just wasn’t great.  We left our jobs and family and started looking around.  Not for work but for a place to call home; a community of people who cared about each other, that we could contribute to and feel a part of.  Enter Laurier Heights.  8 months in and our lives are transformed. Work will be work pretty much wherever, but home is resoundingly right where we have landed.  This is partly because of the Abundant Community initiative coming to us and partly because we are venturing out of our way to connect.

I could go on and on about how much differently we look at the world now.  We have begun to really value our little trade-economy we have with neighbours – even in something simple like babysitting. Our lives are enriched by the visits we have with the people we have met and the ways in which those relationships are being sustained.

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