Neighbourhood Tears

Another great story from a reader:

I’d known her for some time, but had not really connected on a personal level. Defining our relationship as acquaintances, would be accurate. We spoke often, shared friends but it was still quite superficial. Last fall, something inside inspired me to deepen this relationship and so I trusted the prompting of the Holy Spirit, stepped out of my comfort zone and invited her and two other neighbours for a weekend away. Just the ladies…it sounded divine. In fact, it was divine as God allowed for a deepening of those relationships in a way I could have never expected. We are now fast friends, sharing and depending on each other as family. She shared of some significant challenges her husband was facing in his work. They were worried and the stress was bringing him to an unhealthy place. One week in particular, they kept coming to my mind; the Holy Spirit again. I had been praying for them on my own, but hadn’t necessarily shared that with them. They are not believers, so I was trying to be respectful. Finally, I sent a text, telling them they were on my heart and asking for their permission to pray for them as a couple, their family and the challenges happening at his work.  She responded with a text, explaining that my message had brought her husband to tears. His comment was “who needs family when you live in a neighbourhood like this”. Praise God for what he is doing in our hood. I am privileged and honoured to come alongside His plans for our street.

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