Over the past year it became clear that our neighbour was in the process of becoming a single parent.  Our relationship as neighbours grew slowly and steadily.  How it had grown was something I was not aware of until the death of her father earlier this summer.  At one point, following the news of her father’s death, she asked if I would be willing to  do the funeral.  You must understand that my role in the community is as a businessman, and, although I am involved as a volunteer leader in our church, I have never been asked to lead a funeral.  Having said that, the request to do so was an overwhelming honour.  And this made me reflect on how our relationship as neighbours had progressed over time.

Although the story of our neighbour is filled with tragedy and heartbreak, it was good to know that she felt she could come to us during such circumstances.  We are grateful to be there for our neighbour, and we look forward the continued journey with her.

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