I recall a story of two neighbours who didn’t see eye to eye on a few things.  The one who told me the story mentioned that he could never get excited about Halloween, especially when it came to all the decorated yards.  “Things have come a long way from the day when a few carved pumpkins sat on the front step” he said.  To add to the story, he mentioned a neighbour who celebrated the day, which was actually the whole week, with all kinds of lawn ornaments and things hanging from his trees.  “There wasn’t much of his yard left untouched” he said.  What was hard on the eyes, became harder when invited to tour the neighbours yard.  To my surprise, the difficulty in responding to this invitation was overcome by the love of his neighbour.  It seems that different attitudes on Halloween decorations could be set aside to demonstrate a love for one another.

On another note, this week marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation….you remember the movement which started with Martin Luther nailing 95 theses on a church door over in Germany.  It was a time when various leaders were determined to tell the church that the Bible’s message of good news was that we are ‘saved by grace through faith.’  That was, and still is, the ‘good news’ that comes out of the Bible.  And just to be sure, this was not to be confused with a message about earning your way!  Another great reminder of the power of love.  Can’t buy love, can’t make love, can’t earn love!  So that leaves us with giving love.  So it is great news that Jesus first loved us…without conditions!

Love God.  Love your neighbour as yourself!

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