Hallowed Eve

One of the greatest opportunities to meet neighbours is on October 31st. Perhaps the hallowed eve is a holy moment since it creates multiple opportunities for neighbours to connect.  The beauty of it is its simplicity, especially when you witness the way neighbours come out to be part of something bigger than themselves. You do not need to organize anything, just make sure you are one of the many neighbours that join the parade, or stand on the sidelines to watch it.

So you may want to take a walk this Halloween to say “hi” to the families making their way around your block.  Or you may want to stay on your front yard and make a hot cider stand at the end of your driveway.  This is an evening when people use their imaginations, so keep this in mind on an evening when you know many of your neighbours will be outside.  Perhaps you may want to display 95 comments on your front door for people to read when they come to your home (don’t take that too seriously).  Alyson+Hannigan+family+Trick+Treat+iYdedzDxOcjx

FYI: The old English “hallowed” means holy, sanctified, “set apart” (as for service).  Martin Luther’s 95 theses were meant for all Christians, or all “holy ones” – “saints”. He posted them in 1517 on “All Hallow’s Eve”, or “All Saint’s Eve”, at the All Saints’ Church (the University of Wittenberg campus church) in Wittenberg, Germany.

Martin Luther’s core message?: We are saved by grace, through faith, revealed by God’s Word in Christ.

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