From a Distance

It was my sister’s neighbour who is central to this story.  He is connected to most of his neighbours.  He enjoys the family life my sister and her family lead.  You can tell by his interaction and desire to be among them.  I’ve witnessed this in the few times I have stayed there.  They all live in BC, about 9 hours from Calgary. On one visit, my sister heard that her neighbour needed to retrieve his truck from Calgary, and was trying to arrange a ride to go and pick it up.  When my sister mentioned I was coming to visit from nearby Calgary, he asked if I would be willing to deliver it.  And that is what happened!   On my way through Calgary, my wife simply dropped me off at the address and I drove it to his place in BC which was only a few houses down the lane from my sister’s place.  While I drove this one ton ‘dually’ (nice truck!) I reflected on how much trust must exist among my sister and her neighbour, and I reflected on what it must be like to live in a world where neighbours are able and willing to ask such things.  He didn’t really know me that well, so he must have been riding on their relationship.  By the way, the truck in the picture is a snapshot of a truck that was parked down the road from his….had us both thinking.

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