Good Neighbour CoffeeHouse

This week marks the opening of the new Good Neighbour CoffeeHouse in Lacombe, Alberta.  This is a unique ‘third space’ that emphasizes the personal relationship we have with the farmers, while custom roasting their coffee beans.  We will feature these farmers because of the partnership we have in community development.  With this in mind, we will emphasize our role in community development through neighbourhoods.  We definitely want to promote what we know is a clear Biblical commandment, “to love your neighbour.”  And to start us off this week, we have Jim Diers flying in from Seattle to lead various sessions in Red Deer, which will wind up in our CoffeeHouse on Thursday, Jue 1rst.  He has challenged and changed the city of Seattle with neighbouorhood initiatives over the past years.  See more at

We are excited to have so many people involved with this initiative and look forward to the creative ways in which we can blend (pun intended) business with neighbourhoods.  Let me just say we have a few surprise that may catch the attention of those who look to see their neighbourhood flourish.  Stay Tuned!

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