Spring Rolls

When we talk about healthy neighbourhoods, we understand that food is a staple that brings neighbours together.  But we never thought our favourite spring rolls would play a part in our neighbourhood the way our experience unfolded.  At the time, we had only lived in our neighbourhood for a couple years and had been more intentional about connecting with neighbours.  At that time, my husband Chad and I were looking for a lady I had bought spring rolls from before at a local market.  I decided to post an ad on a Facebook Buy and Sell site, searching for her, and ended up getting a flood of responses from people, telling me who she was and how good her spring rolls were.  I messaged her about it and we started talking about the spring rolls and how I would pick them up.  We discussed it, and she said she could drop off the spring rolls if I didn’t live too far away.  Since I have small children, I thought this would be great, so we discussed where each other live.  I told her I live close to downtown Red Deer to which she responded, “So do I.”  Then I proceeded to tell her I lived in the Fairview neighbourhood, and she responded with “Oh, I live in Fairview too.”  Albeit, this was a surprise to both of us, we continued to tell each other where we lived.  “This will be perfect – I will just walk to your house.”  She asked for my address and then said, “We are neighbours! I live just a few doors down from you.”  So, she came over, and I now have access to an endless supply of our favourite spring rolls.  From this time we met, she was able to tell us a lot of stories about our neighbourhood since she had lived there forever.  We not only learned a lot about the history of where we lived for two years, but we started to discuss the future of our neighbourhood.  We talked about having an ice cream social in the neighbourhood and about the block parties that used to exist.  We learned about her history with spring rolls and abut her plans.  It opened the eyes of a couple of neighbours in terms of our neighbourhood.  As it stands, we were certainly grateful in many ways and have come to appreciate the value of neighbours.  And it all stared because I wanted to get some of our favourite spring roles for my husband’s birthday.

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