No More Counting

I had a dream; a dream of some people picketing a block party with signs and slogans that said, “No More Counting!” and “Never mind the Numbers!”  Perhaps I dreamed this dream due to the plethora of people who can preach a great message on how numbers do not matter, but find it hard to apply when it comes to their own evaluations.  Our culture loves to communicate success and measure movement by the numbers.  So when it comes to block parties, for example, we spend a great deal of time on getting the numbers up.  We work hard to make all things presentable.  We treat it much like a function that needs to be successful only to find out at the end of the day we never really engaged in any of that ‘loving your neighbour’ stuff.  But those decorations were GREAT and we didn’t run out of food.  Yet we still needed to ask ourselves the question, “Do you think everyone enjoyed themselves?”

The truth is that a block party is more successful when it focuses on the relationship journey of neighbours.  And if you were wondering about how well you hosted, you may want to consider a ‘third space’ to place a block party next time.  A ‘third space’ is a park, road or any area that is neutral to you and to your neighbours, which means it’s not anyone’s turf.  Therefore, you are free to come and go as you please because its not your party, but instead is owned by all the neighbours.

Let’s make sure that we are not setting ourselves up with expectations that don’t actually count (pun intended).  Instead, set yourself up in a way that provides the greatest opportunity for building relationships.


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