Good Neighbour CoffeeHouse

Historically, third spaces were intentionally set up for people to have informal opportunity to ‘bump into each other’ as a way to enhance  community development.  These spaces were referred to as a “PUB” which literally stood for PUBlic place.  Other third spaces have been noted as parks and roads which are specified as public property.  Not all of these spaces are conducive to public interaction.  Therefore, there is a growing need for intentional third spaces.

Soon we will be issuing a press release for such a space in Lacombe, Alberta.  The name:

Good Neighbour CoffeeHouse!

It will feature a coffee roasting area and our Good Neighbour Coffee which has featured the true stories of what’s been happening in our neighbourhoods.  Our board of directors have been meeting weekly, the last being with our interior designer.  And of course the design and space will lend itself to the intentional efforts that has been the heartbeat of Neighbourhood Life.  Opening May 2017!

More at

Stay tuned!


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3 thoughts on “Good Neighbour CoffeeHouse

  1. Rick,
    Thank you for creating this important third space in our community. I look forward to using it.
    Grace and peace,

  2. Helping my Daughter Sell Chocolate Bars. We just moved about 2 months ago into this new community of Rosedale Valley. Its a small hamlet on the north side of Lacombe which actually is in the County just south of the Burnham University. I’ve been beginning to feel anxious about meeting our neighbors and how that was going to happen. Like for eg. should we go around from door to door with some cookies or baking of some kind and introduce ourselves that way? Well thats like adding one more thing to the to do list which already is filled with other good things. So we haven’t done anything. Yet in the last 2 weeks I’ve met over 9 neighbors in our little hamlet. One I met when my wife left me at church and I walked home. We just met on the street, a man who had lived here for over 35 years with more history to share than we had time for. Then I assisted our 14 year old daughter going door to door to sell chocolate bars for to raise money for her grad trip. We went to 6 houses. I held the chocolate bars while she did her presentation. After she was done I explained who we were and that we had recently moved into the neighborhood. We exchanged names and said we would look forward to meeting again( it just happened to be around –25 degrees outside). This week I met 2 more neighbors by walking the dog and checking the mail at our local kiosk. Then the neighbor next to us who just moved in a came over while I was out and asked my wife a question about the water condition in this area. When I came home I went over to see him and became acquainted. I gave him the name of a reputable water conditioning company we had used. During Christmas 2 senior long time dwellers in this area dropped off small baking treats. So all this happened without us doing anything out of the ordinary. It feels good to be here! No more anxiety.

    • Thanks for pointing out the anxiety, yet how natural it can be. Thanks for sharing Henry! More so, thanks for being present in your new neighbourhood. Welcome home.