Saying Grace

Our neighbours longed for their grown children to gather for a brief reunion.  Under normal circumstances this is understandable, but our neighbours revealed they have not talked for a few years.  At this point they were glad just to be able to come together and eat dinner.  It was at the dinner table that the surprise came:  “When we sat down at the dinner table we began by saying that we would say grace.  This created a reaction from one of our children, who obviously wanted the privilege to say grace before the meal. We were astonished to say the least.  But having not talked for so many years as a family, we were not only delighted to be at the table together, but that one of our children was so willing to take the lead at a time like this.”

The beauty was in the story itself, but as neighbours, we were so blessed by their excitement to share this story with us.


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One thought on “Saying Grace

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