Rolling With It!

My need for a ride to the airport left me wondering from whom in my church I could get a ride.  Not long after, my neighbour met me outside and asked how I was getting to the airport for my trip (since he already knew from earlier conversations).  I told him that I did not know yet.  His next response was filled with curiosity when he asked why I had not thought of him.  Of course, the idea of leaving  at 5 am for the airport seems to limit your options to a select group of drivers.  But he reminded me that he was always up at that time….and proceeded to remind me that I  knew this fact.

This led to an invitation to have him over for supper.  As we prepared to sit down for a meal, I led a prayer as is the custom in our household.  This was not so for him and his household.  In addition to giving thanks for the gift of food, I prayed for his three children, by name.  Following the prayer, I noticed him subtly wiping away a couple of tears as he re-positioned his chair and regained his composure.

Simple opportunities can sometimes be easily overlooked when we could be naturally loving our neighbours.”