Many Things

Many things happen in a week:

A Tupperware party revealing that your neighbours were not really who you thought they were.

An outdoor movie on the garage door, which included moving furniture outside.

Driving a neighbours truck to another province.

The annual neighbourhood horseshoe tournament.

A prayer request for a neighbours young adult fighting cancer.

And much more trusting, loving and sharing…


Apples to Apples

I just heard from a Neighbourhood Life participant how they love seeing their neighbourhood relationships flourish.  This past week they heard about the many apples that fall to the ground and are not used, and brought it up in a discussion with their neighbour.  The neighbour admitted that she would not now what to do with all their apples either, which is where the apples sauce lessons began.  And then the variations of apple pie.  The discussion continued over time, revealing the truth of how so many need someone to show them how to make jam, or sauce or……  It’s not enough to think that people will look to YouTube.  Its the relationship and the modelling that shows how it can be simple and fun….and rewarding, not to mention a good use of apples.  And its a good opportunity for neighbours to connect.  These particular neighbours went on to say that they now have the keys to his truck in case something happens, and they check on each others homes while the other is on vacation.  Recognize the trust?   Feel the love?




OJune 29th my neighbourhood blocked of part of the street for our block party.

As the night went on I observed neighbours who had been on the block for 20 years having 1st time conversations with neighbours who had been on the block for 15. I observed an elderly couple making a point to shuffle their chairs around circles to connect and they spent much of their time talking with the teens and the twenty year olds. I saw strangers guiding young ones back off of the non blocked off road into the safety of the community and the blocked off street. I saw smiles and heard ” it was great to meet you, we need to do this again.”

My neighbour, who’s birthday it was that day, still thanks me ( a month later) for organizing the best birthday party in his 30 year existence.

While walking the neighbourhood I’ve had neighbours tell me how they’ve invited neighbours over to hang out in the yard. Two neighbours who live across the alley  from each other connected 3 years ago and were sharing stories of how they help each other work on their cars and are open to help others. One neighbour who is building a large new home offered tours and shared their dreams as well as dirt for any gardens that needed extra.

Two nights after our block party 5 families ( who connected for the first time) walked to and sat with each other for the Gord Branford Canada celebrations.

I am so thankful to Neighbourhood Life for the encouragement and mentoring they have offered me to help my street form a community within the city of Lacombe.  On top of that their practical gifts of a trailer BBQ and Espresso Trike are very appreciated and a perfect fit to complement a relaxed atmosphere in which neighbours can interact and connect!

Thank you!